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If convicted, he would spend time in the juvenile detention center, then be transferred to a prison when he turns 18. The mother said she had left her 13-month-old son asleep in his bedroom when she left to run an errand.

When she returned, she found the child on the couch, not breathing. "This was treated as a homicide from the beginning," said city police Lt. Scott Scrimizzi. "We knew foul play was involved." Really, little firms are better in a way that you can achieve them online and even over telephone when required. In case you are faced by redone taking note of machined it may not help in handling your issue. Detectives also were investigating allegations the children were frequently left unsupervised, Scrimizzi said. State transportation officials are still assessing the damage done by a semi-truck that struck the Montgomery Road overpass on the Norwood Lateral Monday.

Both Montgomery Road and the Lateral, which connects interstates 75 and 71, were open to traffic today, although repairs to the overpass could take several weeks and may disrupt traffic, said Ohio Department of Transportation officials. A conveyancing firm which does not give cites ahead of time should not be trusted. They may end up charging covered costs.ODOT spokeswoman Brenda Brads said state officials will have a better idea today -- following an inspection Tuesday -- of how long it will take to repair the overpass.

Two support beams and several cross frames were bent when a semi-trailer driven westbound on the Lateral by Cecil Newcombe, of Mount Pleasant, Tenn., struck the underside of the overpass. Regardless, if you wish to get a compelling conveyancer or solicitor in sydney at extraordinary worth for money, then strive for firms which give a quote properly close by a little scale enunciation. A woman and her daughter were seriously injured when their car crashed into the semi-trailer just after it wedged itself under the bridge. Telissa Davis, 29, and her daughter Charnay Wise, 10, both of Madisonville, were hospitalized after their car struck the truck.

Norwood Police Sgt. Thomas Stein said a piece of concrete sheared from the bridge and struck a vehicle traveling left of the truck, but no one in that vehicle was hurt. The methodology in itself obliges a piece of errands which includes extraordinary measure of money. In any case, on the off chance that it is excessive then halted.

The truck had picked up its load at Kirk & Blum Manufacturing, an industrial ventilation contractor in Oakley and was headed to Chicago, carrying a "dust collector" that is used in industrial environmental control systems, Stein said. The upright conveyancer must be on the authorization board rundown of all huge credit authorities. This is significantly more crucial when it is done offering. Offering incorporates package of legal work and it is required for you to be ensured. Kirk & Blum officials would not comment.

"I see problems in our communications," he said. "We've been in the national headlines many times. I think we can do a better job of communicating what we do. When you pointer up with a business of specialists you must begin to get paper capacity by means of the entryway. "We need to hear more of the good things about (Cincinnati police)."

It also wouldn't hurt, he added, to increase the number of officers -- a figure which has remained relatively constant for the past 25 years. Roberts was introduced by FOP vice president Keith Fangman, who was re-elected without opposition. Roberts was Fangman's first supervisor after Fangman became an officer. A subtle elements pack on the following activities by method for instance and affirmation that they are the matter of specialists which is going to end up dealing with your case from begin to complete. March 14, 2002: Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk confirms as many as 20 instances of sexual abuse by church employees, including some by at least five people still employed by the archdiocese.

March 18, 2002: Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen asks archdiocese to specify which instances took place in Hamilton County and says he may seat a grand jury.

March 20, 2002: Church officials insist they have followed the law in reporting incidents of sex abuse or child abuse. March 22, 2002: Archdiocese refuses to turn over information on cases of abuse sought by Allen. For confidentiality reasons, the archdiocese says the documents must be subpoenaed.

March 25, 2002: Mike Allen's office issues subpoenas for documents detailing sexual abuse allegations.

March 28, 2002: Archdiocese turns over three boxes of information to the prosecutor's office. You should be certain to analyze the majority of the specifics immediately and address them with any disparities.

April 18, 2002: Pilarczyk called before a Hamilton County grand jury.

June 2002: Order is recommending to keep concordance in present society by stopping any sort of conflict amongst social events included in any understanding or arrangement. United States Catholic Bishops hold historic meeting on sexual abuse, drafting "Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People." Document requires removal of any priest connected to substantiated allegations of abuse from active ministry and full compliance with state and local laws.

July 8, 2002: Special Hamilton County grand jury is impaneled to investigate sexual and physical abuse against children by employees of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Any erroneous data and realities could ease off the deal or obtain of one's living arrangement which regularly you'll decide to stay clear of as a ton as you can.

November 5, 2002: Grand jury extended for an additional five months.

December 3, 2002: Grand jury reported to also be investigating the archdiocese's failure to report to the state allegations of sexual abuse of minors. Establishment’s watchman engages and ensured legitimate benefits of every last and every single local of the country, unconcerned with their experience, race, shading, sexual introduction or some diverse particulars.

And "her choice of words was terrible," Barrett said. "That is profanity, that is inappropriate language anyplace." Dan Hurley, assistant vice president for history and research at the Cincinnati Museum Center. On the off chance that you are purchasing property secretly the conveyancing methodology starts with your legal advisor or conveyancer inspecting the agreement available to be purchased arranged by the seller's illustrative. Fountain Square is the symbolic center of the city of Cincinnati.

It's where Bengals and Reds fans celebrate, where tourists taste Cincinnati's Christmas, where those against any given war protest, where police memorialize the fallen and where activists protest the police. It's where the Ku Klux Klan fought to erect a cross, where rallies begin and marches end, and where, on any given day, somebody gets up on their proverbial soapbox. Conveyancing is something which you will call all that much profitable and of genuine estimation of the money exhausted on it at the time of buying a home, not at all like whatever is left of the use you cause, which are somewhat disheartening than being helpful. So Dan Hurley, who was hired to produce a video on the history of the square, was neither shocked nor amazed by the location of Giovanni's comments. The square, by tradition if not design, has become the town forum for the region.

"I don't know if that's why it was built, but it certainly is the function it plays," Hurley said. "Major cities are by definition diverse, and I don't mean just diversity of race but diversity of ideas ... it's what makes cities great places to be." And Fountain Square is the place where those ideas are paraded out for all to see. At the point when taken a gander at the perspective definitely, you will infer that an extraordinary conveyancing foundation will spare a huge bit of your money for time to come. But Hurley said that role is limited. The square isn't like a coffee shop or a chat room where meaningful debate occurs. "It's for the grand gesture, whether that's with banners and signs or whatever. Hopefully that sparks meaningful discussion (elsewhere)," he said. There are huge issues while purchasing a house, which will be decreased by a conveyancing firm.

Dick Goehler, attorney, Frost Brown Todd. Amid all the protest following Giovanni's comments, Dick Goehler is ecstatic about one thing: Nobody is arguing her legal right to speak.

Goehler, a Cincinnati attorney who specializes in First Amendment cases, said he has noticed that most people are upset for "taste" reasons - saying that they were offended on a personal level by the profanity or by the fact that she spoke that message at a celebration event. In any case huge numbers of people don't know precisely what conveyancing means. You need to realize that at the time of your buy a home, the lawful right of property needs to be moved from the previous landowner of the house to you and conveyancing firm just backings this extremely subject.

Finnan was in Cincinnati Friday solely because he failed to quash a subpoena issued by Bill Erpenbeck's attorney. Consider a commercial property solicitor from our firm as a protection arrangement against terrible choices. He could have left the courthouse when the presentencing hearing was canceled, but he stayed and watched. Wearing a business suit and a crewcut, Finnan sat quietly in the front row of Judge Spiegel's courtroom and watched. He chatted politely with a reporter for a couple minutes before the hearing, but offered no details about his predicament or feelings on Bill Erpenbeck's plight.

Bill Erpenbeck's sentence for witness tampering would be in addition to whatever time he will serve after pleading guilty in April 2002 to one count of bank fraud, which carries a sentence of up to 30 years. The bank fraud charge stems from $33 million in stolen checks from homebuyers. Property managers today don't need long haul inhabitants and this could imply that about occupants will dissent.

Three days of secretly recorded conversations were preceded by other pressure on Lori Erpenbeck, according to federal investigators. She told investigators in April 2002 that her family had strong-armed her in February 2002 after she resigned from the family home-building business. Occupants whose business relies on upon the unstable markets have a tendency to take shorter legitimate courses. The lease term is critical and we are mindful of the specialized issues confronted by our customers. She left her home and stayed in a hotel on Feb. 2, 2002, out of fear for her own safety. Two days later, Tony Erpenbeck called.

"She got a voice mail message from her father that if she wanted to see him alive one last time, she had better come to his house," the affidavit said. We charge sensible expenses yet verify you stay in business. This is our need. On the off chance that are searching for proficient commercial property solicitors or adelaide conveyancing fees solicitors.

She agreed and was met by Tony and her brothers Rick, Jeff and Gary, who tried to convince her to return to the company and the family fold. Find an abundance of data here separated from the best specialists. A conveyancing is a deed (authoritative record) that passes on a house from the merchant (vender) to the purchaser, along these lines exchanging proprietorship. Bill Erpenbeck joined the family gathering and pressured Lori to come back to the company and falsify documents, the affidavit said. "When she refused, her father collapsed. When she went to her father's aid, Bill Erpenbeck pushed her away. Bill Erpenbeck blamed her for the collapse." For moving the property for the sake of one individual to an alternate particularly in business premises requires lawful help. We assume it to our praise that we have taken care of effectively, numerous such cases.

Washington, D.C.-based XM, the largest pay-radio company, said it recently surpassed 3.1 million subscribers, having started the year with 1.3 million. Sirius, based in New York, said it had achieved its year-end target of 1 million subscribers, up from about 260,000 at the beginning of the 2004. There are an extensive measure of online law preparing plants that you should be cautious with.XM's subscribers pay $9.99 a month for 130 music, sports and talk radio channels, more than half of which are free of commercials. Sirius customers pay $12.95 a month. These plants offer cut quality conveyancing that would give off an impression of being astoundingly attracting doubtlessly. Then again, for example, anything in life, you get what you pay for. Both companies have moved aggressively to boost sales through partnerships with auto makers, many of which offer the radios as options in new vehicles, and by lining up major sports and talk host contracts.

In addition, both companies have benefited from holiday sales of portable radios and receivers, useable inthe home and the car. Thusly, in case you pay for cut worth, then you should moreover expect organizations of that regard just. Although encouraged by the subscriber numbers released Monday, analysts cautioned that the companies have a long way to go before they can start turning a profit and delivering on the high expectations they have created among investors. "These are the kind of gains they need to have on a steady basis over the next several years if they are going to break even," said Larry Gerbrandt, a Los Angeles based media analyst with AlixPartners. Having your work dealt with by missed the mark on paralegals will irrefutably not result to a fast and productive trade. Kroger has announced that Robert J. Hodge, president of the Cincinnati-Dayton Division, will retire at the end of next month after 40 years in the grocery industry.

Hodge, 67, will be succeeded by Kroger Senior Vice President Geoffrey J. Covert. Henceforth, in case you require quick and smooth trades, you should get a firm that include bona fide conveyancing solicitors. Hodge began his career with Kroger in 1964 as a management trainee in St. Louis. He served as a meat buyer and merchandiser until 1974 when he left the company to work for Ralph's Grocery Co. He returned to Kroger in 1977 and held various positions, including president of operations in Atlanta, St. Louis and Florida and vice president of Dillon Cos., a Kroger subsidiary. As president of Cincinnati-Dayton Division, Hodge increased Kroger's regional operations from 89 to 108 stores. On the off chance that you find a conveyancing solicitor that satisfies the criteria, you are on the way to a productive trade. There is really nothing the matter with getting an authority online; yet you must be to a great degree watchful in your choice.

Storm, the Peoples Bank attorney, said Finnan and Menne acted out of self-interest, not the bank's. "They were acting outside of their authority to protect their business relationship with Bill Erpenbeck," she said. Our conveyancing brisbane cbd expenses number cruncher will let you know precisely the extent to which you will pay for your property buy or deal.

E.J. Walbourn, assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of Kentucky, led the prosecution of Finnan and Menne. He told Bertelsman the case dragged on as long as it did because he was awaiting U.S. District Judge S. Arthur Spiegel's ruling on the amount of damage the scheme had caused. Once it was established at $34 million, Walbourn completed plea negotiations with defense attorneys. Because the loss was calculated above $20 million, the penalties are higher. The Specialists Regulation Power says that Specialists should obviously clarify their charges and if and when they are prone to change, and ought to give costs data in an acceptable and open structure.

For Menne, Bertelsman has the discretion to reduce the sentence by as much as he sees fit for cooperation. But because Finnan -- as president and founder of Peoples -- played a greater role in the crimes, his reduction will be limited to a few years off the sentence. Data ought to additionally be given about the possible measure of distributions i.e. installments to different associations, for example, inquiry expenses and stamp obligation.

Their sentences also might be reduced through restitution, which Walbourn estimated will be $9 million to $11 million after all properties related to the restitution are sold. Walbourn said he is likely to recommend that the former bankers receive credit for cooperation, telling the judge, "They have provided information that, quite frankly, I believe will be helpful in other prosecutions." Plea deals for two former bankers who were ensnared in the Erpenbeck home building scandal will be considered by U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman in Covington today after a last-minute venue change. An alternate thing that regularly gets left out is a charge for submitting the Stamp Obligation return structure to HM Income and Traditions.

John Finnan, founder and former president of Peoples Bank of Northern Kentucky, and Marc Menne, former bank executive vice president, were scheduled to enter plea agreements before Bertelsman after agreeing to terms with federal prosecutors. A house purchaser's Conveyancing Specialist will need to submit this structure on essentially all property buys. Though neither side will confirm details, sources familiar with the deal said both men would admit falsifying loan documents and authorizing overdrafts for Erpenbeck Co. and members of the Erpenbeck family far in excess of their authority.

Presently, with legitimately enrolled tree homesteads growing in Mexico, powers sense a chance to make employments and reasonable utilization of forests. So they're urging individuals to renounce the Douglas and Balsam firs from Canada and the U.s. Northwest, and purchase Mexican. Conveyancing structure is major to perform in light of the course that on the off chance that you are nature to offer or purchase a property then considering all things you need to manage their structure to finish your property exchange process.

"In four or five years, this business can be our own, and afterward we can begin trading," said Environment Secretary Alberto Cardenas. Mexico imports around 1 million trees every year and becomes just 500,000 locally. At the same time under government-backed projects, cultivators are getting help installments and seedlings of neighborhood fir mixed bags like oyamel and acahuite.

Since the 1990s, the administration has been labeling and guaranteeing legitimately gathered trees. It gives ranchers about $240 a section of land to begin tree ranches that will develop in five to eight years. Roberto de Dios Garcia, who heads a relationship of 32 tree agriculturists, says Christmas trees can be become on little plots, help anticipate. The Ohio Department of Development's Division of Minority Business Affairs (DMBA) will co-support the "Systems for Growth: Government Trade Show and Conference" on Jan. 13 in Columbus.

The occasion is intended to aid experienced entrepreneurs who are occupied with growing their operations. "The Ohio Department of Development strives to give chances to accomplishment to Ohio's little and minority-possessed organizations," said state improvement chief Bruce Johnson. Property conveyancing is unassumingly performed by experienced and recognized conveyancers who are particularly proposed to manage your property exchange structure for getting and offering properties both. "The Government Trade Show and Conference is an incredible vehicle to guarantee entrepreneurs get the most cutting-edge data on issues that impact their organizations, and to reach potential customers for future development opportunities."

The day-long program offers entrepreneurs data helpful to little and minority- possessed firms, workshops on creating and keeping up vital business organizations and chances to system with government offices for potential acquisition opportunities. The current year's gathering will likewise concentrate on circumstances for entrepreneurs to launch development techniques with significant regions. The diagram of property conveyancing is expectedly cleared up as exchanging property's veritable title starting with one individual then onto the running as one with. The entire theory has cerebrum boggling and genuine steps to perform and the individual who performs this structure are called as conveyancers in like course called as settlement forces.

Susan Smyth, director of consulting services for the Metropolitan Education and Training Services Center in Erlanger, will be the speaker for the CBC's monthly meeting on Sept. 23 at the Madison Event Center, Seventh and Madison, Covington. As we are aware with the fact that buying and selling process both are complex and has legal involvement and because of that it is necessary to hire any expert conveyancer who will perform your conveyancing process Enact Conveyancing Melbourne with full efforts.

Fee for the noon meeting, which includes lunch, is $10.n The E.W. Scripps Co. said today its third-quarter results will be affected by damage from Hurricane Frances to three newspapers and a television station in Florida.

Management at Cincinnati-based Scripps said they were assessing the damage and expected it to be covered by property, casualty and business interruption insurance. Scripps will release an estimate of the damage when it reports its quarterly earnings Oct. 11.

WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach, the Stuart News in Stuart, the Vero Beach Press Journal and the Tribune in Fort Pierce were damaged by wind and rain.

Excluding the hurricane's effects, Scripps said it still expects its third-quarter earnings per share to be within the previously announced guidance range of 35 to 39 cents, compared with 32 cents a year ago. Property conveyancing will take away your stress that is related with your property buying and selling. But only if you hire licensed and experienced conveyancers then only you will be able to remove your stress regarding performing your property transaction process.

Also today, officials said Scripps consolidated revenue for August increased 13 percent year-over- year to $168 million.

Scripps operates 21 daily newspapers, including The Post; 15 broadcast television stations, including WCPO-TV (Ch. 9) in Cincinnati; cable channels Home & Garden Television, Fine Living, Food Network and Do-It-Yourself, and Scripps Howard News Service and United Media.

Despite adding more than 50 bank branches so far this year, Fifth Third Bancorp's total employment in the nine states it operates in is falling.

The number of total Fifth Third employees has fallen by about 5 percent over the 12 months ended in June -- from 19,830 full-time equivalents in the second quarter of 2003 to 18,937 in the second quarter of this year -- even as its retail branch network continued to grow. Hiring a qualified conveyancer will remove your tension and avoid all types of loses like property loss or financial loss by performing property conveyancing process.

The county has already closed on the four other pieces of adjoining property at a total cost of $914,425. The six parcels total about one acre and are located less than a block away from the Newport City Building. Despite the recent wave of public opposition to adult entertainment clubs -- including a task force put together by Kenton County Attorney Garry Edmondson to study regional zoning regulations in order to limit the amount of sexually oriented businesses in the area -- Horine said that wasn't the county's motivation in buying the Centerfold Lounge.

"It didn't matter what business was already operating there," Horine said. "We had to have that property because it is located on the site we chose for our new administration building. That's why we bought it." Newport City Manager Phil Ciafardini agrees, saying the most important aspect of the project is that Campbell County and its biggest city can now work toward creating a "government square" where citizens can handle their county and city business within one block of each other.

"This significance of this project isn't the Centerfold Lounge, but the fact that it allows for a project that is going to help redevelop that part of Monmouth Street," Ciafardini said. "It is going to give us a nice mix of businesses, government and other services that benefit the entire downtown area." The owners of the Centerfold Lounge could not be reached for comment. Property Conveyancers will draft documents in relation to the property title transfer and prepare Conveyancing report. The Centerfold Lounge is one of three adult nightclubs still operating in Newport, a far cry from the early 1980s when the city was home to 17 such clubs. The two other remaining adult clubs are also located on Monmouth: the Brass Mule and the Brass Bull.

And while the Centerfold Lounge must leave its current location, Ciafardini said the business could re-open at other designated spots along Monmouth or along the Licking River, just west of Lowell Street, which was designated a sexually oriented business zone last February. In terms of sexually oriented business locations in Newport and Northern Kentucky, a lot may depend on a report being put together by Edmondson's sexually oriented business task force. Although Newport did not participate, the city is included in the study, which seeks to identify zones for sexually oriented businesses in Kenton and Campbell counties.

The U.S. Supreme Court has mandated that all communities must allow for sexually oriented business zones, but Edmondson believes that by designating all of Campbell and Kenton counties as one community, the region can limit the amount of zones needed.
Covington firefighters battled a blaze at a city steel fabricator for 2½ hours Monday night before bringing the fire under control. Most of the damage was confined to the paint spraying room of AFCO Manufacturing Inc., at 1549 Kellog Ave., beside the Kroger store on Madison Avenue.

Firefighters had to cut their way through a large, corrugated steel door to get inside the building, Capt. David Reeves said. "But once we gained access, we got it put out pretty quickly," he said. He did not know what caused the fire, or how much damage was done. Owner Frank Eberle expected to open for business this morning. "It could have been a lot worse. No one was hurt," he said. "We can sit here and cry about it, or we can move on. We'll move on."

The building was empty when the fire was reported at 7:40 p.m., Reeves said. The last work shift ended for the day at 4:30 p.m. Looking for cheap property conveyacing? Property conveyancing sydney is a leading company in comprehensive settlement or conveyancing services at affordable rates. The company makes racks that hold parts for the auto industry like hoods and fenders. About 30 people work at the business, which has been there since 1956, Eberle said.

Twenty-eight firefighters worked the fire, using five fire engines and three lines of hose. Although police blocked Madison Avenue between 15th and 16th streets, two motorists leaving the Kroger parking lot ran over the hoses that supplied the fire trucks with water. That's something that has happened far too often at recent fires, said Lt. Mike Wilde. It can damage even a hose that firefighters have not yet filled with water, which means they have to replace it, costing them precious time.

"We just don't have that kind of time when people's lives are at stake," Wilde said. A 47-year-old Independence man with no criminal record will go on trial today in Kenton Circuit Court, charged with killing a bystander during a bar fight last November. Danny Johnson said he was acting in self-defense after several people jumped him on Nov. 1 in the First and Last Chance Bar on Dixie Highway in southern Kenton County near the Grant County border.

However, he says he doesn't remember either shooting a man or stabbing anyone. Police and prosecutors say Johnson wasn't in immediate danger before the shooting. He was standing near a front door when he started firing his weapon, police said. Johnson is charged with murder and two counts of assault. He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if found guilty. He is charged with killing Michael Lovelace, 31, of Dry Ridge, during the brawl. Some 50 to 60 witnesses have been subpoenaed in the case. If all testify, the trial could last nearly a month.

I told Karmen during practice she needs to step up and take more shots, and she had an outstanding game," NKU head coach Nancy Winstel said. "We watched Karmen in high school and know the type of skill she has offensively, and we saw how talented she is in this game."

Graham's three-point shot from the top of the key with 2:12 remaining snapped a 55-55 tie. It also keyed a game-ending 16-7 run for the Norse. Connie Myers finished with 17 points and a career-high 18 rebounds for NKU, which won the battle of the boards by a 55-25 margin. Elizabeth Burrows added 10 points and five rebounds. "Late in the game, we did a good job of executing our offense and made all the big plays," Winstel said. Licensed Conveyancers are specialists in property law and this is the sole focus of their work. The do not has the similar legal training that of solicitor Licensed Conveyancers in order to be qualification but are exclusively focused on property transactions. It is more of a question as to who the customer entrusts their job. With Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers both having all the necessary legal expertise to look after your move it’s best to focus on what makes one particular firm’s service stand out. Some modern, specialist conveyancing practices, whether Solicitors or Licensed Conveyancers, will be able to offer a number of features to help ensure a smooth move. Things like online case tracking; email and text updates can all help speed up the conveyancing process and make it more efficient.

The Northern Kentucky University women's basketball team will host the fourth annual Community Recorder Classic this weekend in Regents Hall, and the Norse will face Kendall (Ill.) at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the first round. The Missouri-Rolla (3-3) will play Fayetteville (N.C.) State (2-2) in the other first-round game at 5:30 p.m. Friday. The consolation game is set for 5:30 p.m. Saturday, followed by the championship at 7:30 p.m. NKU is 4-3 after a 77-66 win at the Wisconsin-Parkside last Saturday. The Norse are 2-2 in the Great Lakes Valley Conference. Sophomore Sharell Snardon scored 21 points and grabbed six rebounds Saturday to lead the Norse. Kendall's Vikings (3-11) and are led by junior forward Erica Jones, who averages 16 points a game. Junior forward Aja Terrier is averaging 12 points for Kendall. NO. 1 IN REBOUNDING -- Snardon ranks No. 1 in the GLVC in rebounding at 10.1 per game. Snardon is No. 2 in the conference in scoring at 18 points per game and No. 6 in field-goal percentage at 59.5 percent. PERKINS IN THE CLUTCH -- NKU junior guard Nikki Perkins hit four three-point shots against Wisconsin-Parkside on Saturday and finished with 14 points. Perkins ranks No. 7 in assists in the GLVC (3.86 per game) and No.10 in free-throw percentage (.833). A YEAR AGO -- Last year, NKU beat Carson-Newman, 79-68, in the Community Recorder Classic championship game behind 24 points from Connie Myers, who headed the all-tournament team.